Nadine Johnson Elementary School

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Welcome to NJES!

2nd Grade

"There's so many things I think you should know and that's why I bother telling you so!"
                                                                                                                                         -Dr. Seuss

Weekly Focus:

August 31, 2015

Social Studies- We will identify ways to actively practice good citizenship.

v  Vocabulary: citizen, respect, justice, equality, community, pledge


Science- We will classify matter by physical properties.

v  Vocabulary: matter, solid, liquid, flexibility, mass, temperature, texture(soft, rough, smooth, bumpy)


Math- We will use addition and subtraction strategies to solve problems in a variety of ways quickly.

v  Vocabulary: addend, compose, decompose, sum, difference


Reading- We will establish a purpose for reading and monitor comprehension by generating questions, using prior knowledge and participating in class discussion.


Writing- We will practice writing a response to the stories read in class by sharing how the text made us feel, comparing two text for similarities and difference and answering questions.

Daily Schedule: