Nadine Johnson Elementary School

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Welcome to NJES!

What are we learning?

Our Current Units: 
Science: We are studying the solar system! We are focusing identifying the parts of our solar system and how those parts work together to give us life here on Earth! 
Math: We are going deeper into fractions and seeing how fractions can be equal, grater than, or less than each other! We are also seeing how to take a fraction and represent it in words, pictures and a strip model! 
Reading: Unit 5, We are focusing on Expository text. We are annotating this text by pulling out key vocabulary, summarizing the information we are given, drawing conclusions, making inferences, and much more. We are working on strategies to help us understand and answer questions we may see on these types of stories. 
Writing: We are using writing pillars to draft personal narratives and expository pieces based on research. We are also trying to make our writing more appealing by using vivid verbs. 
Social Studies: We are studying about our government.